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Waterproofing roof tiles and ridge tiles

After we finish with the repair, it’s suggested that we apply some local waterproofing to the problematic point in order to complete its restoration and also to ensure long-term protection from moisture.

To waterproof roof or ridge tiles, we choose ISOFLEX, the elastomeric liquid waterproofing membrane for roofs in a red brick color.

1st Step

To prepare the surface, we clean it well so that it’s dry and has no oils, debris, dust, etc.

2nd Step

Then, we prime it with the special primer ISO-PRIMER.

3rd Step

When the primer is dry, we apply ISOFLEX with a brush or a roll.

If we need to, we can thin the materials with water, up to 5%, to make application easier.

4th Step

When the first hand is dry, we apply the second ISOFLEX hand, applying it crosswise over the previous one.


  • Every five years or after intense weather conditions, it’s good to check our roof tiles for any broken or detached ones, to prevent unpleasant surprises that may cost us time and money.

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