Suggestions & Solutions

Waterproofing of Green roofs

Proposed solution: Polyurethane-bituminous spreadable waterproofing membrane

Green roofs are a modern application to building roofs that is winning constantly gaining ground in hotels as well, as it offers multiple benefits. For hotels that
are located in the countryside, a planted roof harmonizes the architecture with the environmental design and smoothly integrates the hotel into its natural environment. Accordingly, for a hotel located in an urban landscape, its planted roof will be an oasis of greenery in the suffocating atmosphere of the city. In addition, a green roof has the advantage of enhancing the thermal insulation of the building and protecting the underlying waterproofing layers. However, the most important advantage of planted roofs is their contribution to the protection of the environment and to strengthening the sustainability of constructions.
ISOMAT has developed and offers an integrated system for creating green roofs:

  • Resistance to residual moisture
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • Elasticity
  • Resistance to time
  • Certificate of anti-rooting of ceilings.

  1. Concrete/cement mortar of slopes
  2. Priming with PRIMER-PU 100
  3. Sealing with ISOFLEX-PU 570 BT
  4. Geotextile and drainage membrane
  5. Planting