Suggestions & Solutions

Maintenance of outdoor areas in hotels and restaurants

The outdoor area, before entering a building, is the one that will give the visitor the first impressions of what he will encounter inside it.

This space should be treated as an extension of the rest and not as a setting that simply complements the building. Its maintenance and renewal are essential for its proper functioning and maintaining its attractive image.

The outdoor facilities in this area are the various relaxation spots, the gardens, the pool area, the metal and wooden canopies, the fencing, the stone surfaces, the decorative floors, etc.

The following products are recommended for the care of these external constructions and by extension for their long-term protection.


  • HP WOODSTAIN: Water-based impregnation varnish, with long-term protection of any wooden structure.
  • AQUAGEL WOODSTAIN: Impregnation varnish for wooden surfaces, with resistance to weather conditions.
  • MULTI-USE TREATMENT: Active insecticide-fungicide.
  • DECKING OIL: Special oil for wooden floors, which offers waterproofing and protection from solar radiation.
  • TEAK OIL: Oil for protection and maintenance of teak or exotic wood furniture.



  • STONE VARNISH V33: Transparent varnish for waterproofing any type of floor or wall made of natural or artificial stone.
  • K 38: Powerful cleaner for natural stone surfaces.