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Spotlight on colour: Βlue

We take a closer look at one of the most timeless shades in our walls and furniture paint range – the versatile and brilliant blue. It’s a shade of blue that’s earthy and rich, as well as being highly adaptable across a variety of rooms and colour schemes.

An interesting fact about blue is that it’s the newest recognised colour in the English language. This was due to its scarcity in nature, whereas now of course, blue has never been more prevalent in fashions and design trends globally.

Well known for its calming effects, choosing blue will help to create a peaceful space. You can use Blue as a bolder colour boost to lift a room, or when paired with the right shades of white or grey, it adds a lovely light and airy vibe.

Combine Blue with other bright colours such as pinks and greens to produce a modern, vibrant feel. Accenting with bright pops of colour like this is an easy way to inject a bundle of personality into an interior.

For a softer take on Blue, try a minimal palette of whites and greys for a more soothing atmosphere. Adding metallic elements will provide some chic and edgy results, while metallic in general is just the perfect way to finish a room.

Now, you know all about the coolest shade and what to do with it, all you need to do is grab the paint tin and brush and begin the transformation! We promise you won’t regret it…