Suggestions & Solutions

Smart ideas for shoe storage

Shoes are possibly the biggest problem in hallways, apart from hiding them away in a cupboard, it’s difficult to make lots of shoes look neat and tidy. Whether they’re lined up in pairs or placed on a shelving unit, they just never seem to look right and always get in the way.

A simple and stylish solution to this is repurposed coat hooks; lowering them to the bottom of a wall and using them as shoe hooks instead. This frees up floor space, which is especially great for smaller hallways, and is an ingenious alternative for coat hooks to make a feature out of your footwear.


We customised our ‘shoe hooks’ by spray-painting the back piece with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch White Satin and the hooks in Rust-Oleum Metallic Bright Gold, to create a sophisticated look and a metallic contrast against the white brick wall. Once dry, you’re all ready to get organising that cool shoe collection of yours.

Try it, it’s easy and simple!