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Rust and peeling of paint on metal surfaces

If the fences in your yard or balcony are worn, the paint is peeling or showing signs of rust, then you can easily follow the procedure below to maintain and protect them!

Cleaning and preparation

First, the surfaces should be cleaned of possible dust or dirt. If in some places rust has formed or the old paint has peeled off, then the surface should be sanded to remove the cracked paint and rust. Then the dust created by the sanding is removed.


The surface is applied in two layers of COMBICOLOR ORIGINAL SMOOTH, with excellent coverage, anti-corrosion protection and impact resistance. The second layer is applied after 24 hours at a temperature of 20 °C. At lower temperatures the drying time is longer. For stronger anti-rust protection and to increase the strength of the paint as well as its lifespan, the paint can be applied in combination with the anti-rust primer ANTI-RUST COMBIPRIMER. For a more beautiful decorative finish use COMBICOLOR ORIGINAL HAMMERTONE.


Painting must be applied at temperatures from 10°C to 35°C, avoiding very hot hours of the day during the summer months and very low hours during the winter months.

If necessary (depending on the prevailing temperature), the paint can be diluted up to 10% with the special solvents of the same series.