Suggestions & Solutions

Repair of intense multiple cracks on plaster

Suggestions and solutions from ISOMAT!

1. Intense hair cracks on plaster may occur due to its wrong application (deficient dampening during summer months, lack of plaster reinforcement when applied on thermal-insulating boards etc.), as well as due to its bad quality.

2. Firstly, the surface needs to be cleaned of dust, etc.

3. Then, it is primed with FLEX-PRIMER follows. Especially when plasters are relatively unstable, FLEX-PRIMER is needed to stabilize their surfaces

4. FLEX-COVER is prepared by adding A-component into B-component under continuous stirring.

5. After the primer has dried, FLEX-COVER is applied with a putty knife on the cracked surface in one layer.

6. After the FLEX-COVER layer has dried, it is necessary to prime with FLEX-PRIMER and paint with FLEXCOAT.

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