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Renovate your wooden deck

The beautiful days are approaching, but after harsh winter months, your wooden deck is not in its best shape with its worn and gray slats. For it to regain the radiance of its prime youth, nothing could be simpler! Just apply the Decking Oil!

Step 1: Clean your wooden deck

Clean your terrace with a brush and soapy water. Sanitizing the wood in this way improves the adhesion of the products and guarantees an optimal result for the finish.

Step 2: Dust off the support

Finish cleaning with a damp cloth. Make sure there is no residue, dirt or dust on the surface.

Step 3: Apply sober cleanser

Prepare the soothing cleaner by mixing one part cleaner with two parts water. Apply the product generously to the wooden deck. Leave on for 5 minutes then brush. The cleaner removes stains and prepares the wood for the saturator. It is safe for flora and fauna.

Step 4: Rinse your terrace

Rinse your deck with clean water and let the surface dry for 24 hours. Thanks to the sober cleaner, the wooden deck regains its original color.

Step 5: Prepare the Decking Oil

Before applying the Decking oil to the wood, stir the liquid with a long stick so that it is homogeneous. This product protects the wood from UV rays and waterproofs the wooden deck against humidity, chlorinated water and stains.

Step 6: Apply the saturator on your terrace

Apply the product generously with a flat brush or roller, starting at the end of the terrace. Allow the deck to dry 2 hours between coats. Microporous, the saturator acts on the surface and inside the wood.

Step 7: Apply the second coat of saturator

Apply a second coat of the saturator. The aqueous phase allows easy cleaning of tools and a fast drying time (complete drying time: 24 hours).

Important: if after applying the second coat, an excess of product is visible (satin aspect instead of matte), wipe off the excess with a cloth, 15 to 20 minutes after application.

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