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How to make a room look bigger

For many years painting the premises was a simple and not particularly pleasant process. A shade was simply chosen and the whole house was painted with it. In recent years, however, painting has gone to another level and the fashion trends that circulate each season, are more and more interesting.

Apart from the monotony that prevails in a room with the choice of only one shade, what is also true in most cases, is that the room looks small and not comfortable at all. One of the biggest trends at the moment is two-tone painting. Certainly, the combination of shades plays a decisive role in the aesthetics and the perspective it creates in the space and can give height and/or length to the space.

Tip no.1: Horizontal dividing

Separating the colors at a fairly high point towards the ceiling gives height to the whole room. The most intense shade is preferred for the bottom and the softest for the top. To make the space look even taller, the shade of the upper part of the walls can be the same as the shade of the ceiling.

Tip no.2: Vertical dividing

The combination of two shades on the walls of a room generally enlarges the space and makes it look even more stylish, since there is no absolute uniformity throughout the room. Painting one or two walls of the room with a different shade is the ideal choice to make the room look more exciting and larger. For a better result, warm colors are combined with cool colors, thus ensuring color balance and harmony.