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Eliminate mold in kitchen and bathroom

Often the silicone that is applied to the joint points with the sanitary ware, the joints of the walls with the kitchen and bathroom counters, deteriorates over time, peels, and turns black, due to the effect of salts, moisture and soap.

The result of a moldy silicone apart from an ugly image, contains microorganisms and germs, harmful to human health. However, its replacement can be done quickly and easily.

Surface preparation

The old silicone sealant is removed and care is taken to ensure that the final substrate is dry and free from dust, grease, friable materials etc. To reduce material residue and a uniform result, it is best to apply paper tape on both sides of the joint where the sealant will be applied.

Application process

ANTI-FUNGAL BATH AND KITCHEN anti-mould sealant shows excellent elasticity and is ready to use. It is applied with a constant supply, driving the product at an angle of 45° to the axis of the joints to be sealed. Then the sealant is smoothed while it is still fresh with the help of a spatula. The tape is removed and the sealant is kept out of water for at least the next 24 hours.

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