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Flat roofs with ponding water? Solve it once and for all with the ISOFLEX HYBRID liquid waterproofing

In our country, flat roofs with insufficient slopes are one of the most common flat roofs. If your flat roof doesn’t have the correct slope, water will pond for short periods of time in places, which will cause wear at the waterproofing layer and will greatly reduce its lifetime.

ISOMAT, with the high quality that characterizes all its products, created for these kinds of flat roofs the ISOFLEX HYBRID product, the new, hybrid, liquid, elastomeric, roof waterproofing membrane, based on acrylic and polyurethane resins, which is highly resistant to ponding water. It’s characterized by high elasticity and great resistance to weather effects, frost, and aging. For this reason, it’s an ideal choice for areas with very low temperatures, even those reaching -20°C.

When applied, the ISOFLEX HYBRID product forms a single, elastic, waterproof, vapor-permeable membrane without seams or joints. Additionally, it improves your home’s energy efficiency since it keeps the temperature of your roof low due to its high sun reflectivity. That’s why the ISOFLEX HYBRID membrane can be used as a cool roof coating.

It is the perfect solution for places that are hard to waterproof, like corners, edges, and joints with roof outlets, as well as the local waterproofing of cracks in roofs, always using armature. It has excellent adhesion to any kind of base layer, smooth or not, and can be even applied over older waterproofing. Additionally, it’s certified with the CE mark as a concrete surface protection product according to the EN 1504-2 standard.

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