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Creating Positano, Amalfi Coast – Themed House Exterior

Positano a popular tourist destination along the Amalfi Coast is marked by its astoundingly beautiful beaches and aesthetically pleasing architecture.

Positano a popular tourist destination along the Amalfi Coast is marked by its astoundingly beautiful beaches and aesthetically pleasing architecture. The picturesque town buildings cling to the sides of lush green rocky cliffs which overlook the beautiful bright turquoise waters of the Mediterranean speckled with boats and yachts bouncing on its waves along the beaches.

It probably won’t be in one of the bigger, obvious destinations along the coast, yet it is unquestionably one of the most conspicuous – painted totally in white, it sparkles with purity and brightness that can be seen for a significant distance. Its architecture is generally portrayed as “Italian Vernacular,” utilizing a uniform, geometric arrangement and the distinctive whitewashed plaster and tiled rooftops.

Likewise its smooth curves and natural structures shows that it is influenced by Moorish architecture, the history and design of Positano is salient that the whole city has been marked as a world social and cultural legacy site. The utilization of pastel hues with an abundance of white in painting them at the exterior of the buildings, is the most notable feature. The amazing Positano look can be imitated in your own home exterior with some effort and required paints.

Everyone is familiar with the enticing shades of colors used in paints; however, it may come as a surprise to many, that the color white also comes in many different shades varying in their brightness, hues, and glossiness. The serenity of white has made it a subject of much interest among the landscapers, exterior, and interior designers.

Some of this variety in white paints is also provided in the Exterior Wall Colors’. For starters, all-white exterior painting can be a neat beginning. However, a little color addition on the ledges and windowsills can be done by selecting shades of your choice from ‘Professional Acryl’.

A few things that need to be considered while choosing the right shades of paints are mentioned below.

  • Choosing white paint with correct brightness level becomes important for exterior painting, if you are sensitive about the amount of sunlight reflected by the paint and the glow produced by it. You may select a brighter white shade for the exterior, rather than a dull shade, because it will make your house gleam in the daylight. For this purpose, you can choose the shades LPC 0722, LPC 0672 or LPC 1195 from ‘Professional Acryl’. For accuracy and best results, test your selected shade on a small patch receiving most of the sunlight during the daytime, before painting the whole wall.
  • Similarly, a warmer or a cooler hue of white can be selected to paint the house exterior minding the surroundings and the climate. A slightly pinkish/reddish shade of white such as LPC 0513, LPC 0653 or LPC 0533 can be used to paint the exterior of a house covering a large area or in a cooler climate, to give it a homey and cozy feeling just like the coastal houses and resorts in Positano. A rather cooler shade, having semblance with the blue waters of the Mediterranean, such as LPC 1954, LPC 2093 or LPC 1934, will be suitable for a house located in a warmer climate surrounded by plants and vegetation.
  • Besides shades, an important and most needed quality in paints is their durability. In this regard, due to the qualities of waterproofing, protection against molds, and extreme weather resistance paints given in ‘High Cover Smooth’ and ‘X-Treme X-Posure Smooth’ are highly recommended.


With access to the right paints and a little knowledge about their usage, its simple to recreate an Amalfi Coast outlook in your house exterior.