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Colour Influences SS 2021 – Witty

“This year more than ever, we all need a good dose of optimism and a bit of cheering up. And this is exactly what this trend is all about. Bright, colourful, cheerful, and full of joy. Witty creates walls to lift our spirits up and put a smile on our faces. It is also a celebration of creativity and diversity.”

-Justyna Korczynska, Crown Design Studio

Uplifting, joyful and quirky.

Witty is influenced by upbeat design and the New London Fabulous Movement

A celebration of colour in an age of closing borders, simplistic narratives and shrinking horizons, Witty represents a new generation of designers who resolutely seek out beauty , complexity and joy in the face of an adverse political and economic climate.

Often found adorning the exterior of many urban buildings, the designs celebrate multi-culturalism and diversity and encourage passers-by to feel upbeat and positive.


‘This collection of playful colours reflects a whimsical and upfitting approach to interiors. Celebrating dynamic tones, every combination allows a colour scheme that embraces individuality, resulting in quirky joyful spaces. Whether it’s kitsch furniture or amusing collectables, these colours unite to produce a look that puts a smile on your face.”

-Neville Knott, Crown Colour Consultant

“Kitsch and quirky, happy and carefree – Witty is a style that is open, colourful and upbeat. A combination of vibrant tones used together create surroundings that are flamboyant, fun and truly individual. Add to this displays of personal objects – collections and junk shop finds that amuse and bring a smile to your face.”

-Judy Smith, Crown Colour Consultant

“Witty’s colour palette is definitely here to make a statement. The palette is created from several bright and bold colours, all in equal parts as they’re of the same importance here. These colours do not compete, but they work together to create visually striking colour combination. They invite creativity and playful experimentation with colour and are perfect for creating uplifting murals.”

-Justyna Korczynska, Crown Design Studio