Colour & Decorating

Colour Influences SS 2021 – Foresight

This is an optimistic contemporary look, looking towards the future with excited anticipation.

Foresight embodies the thoughts of the Bauhaus school which sought to unify art, craft & industry to create designs for the future and the Bauhaus movement which championed a geometric, abstract and honest style.

“I love the way this trend brings us ‘back to the future’. With a functional approach to design aesthetics reflective of the Bauhaus, its strong colours and shapes provide graphic focal points within a space. This contemporary and progressive approach embraces affordable materials to create an interior full of modernist values that positions honest forms at its core.”

Neville Knott, Crown Colour Consultant

Foresight focusses on clean, geometric and abstract lines with no unnecessary adornments to create simple and elegant spaces.

“A contemporary look with simple but elegant geometric shapes, minimalist linear and geometric forms and honest materials without any need for camouflage.

Strong geometric lines dominate whilst hints of bright saturated colour draw attention and provide a jovial space. Softer hues such as Light Breeze and Botanical Extract are included to provide balance. The overall look is minimalist and the added furniture and furnishings play a secondary role.”

Kathryn Lloyd Crown Colour Specialist

“Strong colours and shapes are the backbone of this trend. Forward thinking about design but harking back to the core values of the Bauhaus are as important as ever today. Here is a striking way of using grown up primaries – with black and white for definition and clarity. What has been said before is true today – exactness can be elegant, less is more. Living surrounded by good and time-honoured design is uplifting and empowering.”

Judy Smith, Crown Colour Consultant

“This colour palette is built on strong contrasts with bold primary colours playing here an important role. Dark navy, daring red and strong yellow are here to make their bold statement on walls, but to keep the spaces clean and airy they are only used in moderation and paired with light shades of white, soft blue and soft green.”

Justyna Korczynska, Crown Design Studio