Colour & Decorating

Colour Influences AW 2022 – Define

As we reinvent the areas of our home to accommodate multi-generational living, Define is taking charge of adapting our living spaces.

Offering a rich and warm colour palette, the sophisticated deep tones transform spaces into ambient cosy hideouts. Taking inspiration from high-end hotels, moody restaurant interiors and historical cinema rooms it is blurring the lines between day and night.

Define uses a combination of colours to create zones that adapt a space into multiple uses. Colour blocking is the perfect tool for this. Deep rich colours dominate this palette, which pairs beautifully with metallic finishes and plush velvet accessories for a luxurious feel. Think Maximalist style on a minimalist design scheme.

“This colour palette is beautifully warm and with a touch of retro. All colours can be combined with each other and in this way, exciting light-dark colour effects can be achieved.

Perfect for designing rooms in multiple colours, for emphasizing individual living areas or for dividing rooms into different zones such as the home office, dining area and living room. In these cases, ‘Define’ provides a variety of options.”

Mareike Nacke – Crown Colour Consultant

“Strong mature hues set the tone for this palette with rich reds and deep teals, the perfect backdrop colours to showcase paler furnishings of ivory, coral and mint. Golds introduce glamour as we celebrate togetherness, enjoying moments with friends and family. The sun rises and the sun sets, constantly changing light illuminates our homes and buildings. By day we work, at night we rest, relax and socialise. Colour replaces physical boundaries, marking spaces for work and play. Define is a tale of contrast, balance and indulgence.”

Jemma Saunders – Crown Colour Specialist