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Colour Influences 2020 – Connect

Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese philosophy of forest bathing, which draws on the therapeutic powers of nature. Beyond tradition, it has become a practical cornerstone of restorative health.
Translated to design, this is Connect.

Plants emit health-availing compounds whilst the linear minimalism facilitates a feeling of revitalization. In ideology, this trend promotes self-nurture. In practice, it is a lantern for biophilic design. A remedy for the modern condition, with increasing urbanity and a ubiquitous digital presence, Connect is a space of solace.

Sometimes it’s neither the route, nor the destination.

“Connect focuses on simple pleasures, connecting to nature and disconnecting from technology. Low lying furniture and minimal accessories creates an understated and calming interior inspired by eastern philosophies, created to focus the mind and restore balance.”
-Jemma Saunders, Crown Colour Specialist

“Originating from the Japanese philosophy of Shinrin-yoku, this trend is all about wellbeing through sensory immersion. Translated as Forest Bathing, shades of green dominate the palette whilst the styling is heavily influenced by Japanese design. Low level furniture and an uncomplicated décor further convey a sense of calm.”
-Kathryn Lloyd, Crown Colour Specialist

“Connect highlights the importance of nature for our physical and mental health. Reconnecting with the natural environment helps us find balance and wellbeing. By surrounding ourselves with greenery we can create a space that rejuvenates mind and body.”
-Justyna Korczynska, Crown Design Studio



The palette reflects the colours of the forest, ranging from a midnight oak to a vivid birch at the highest vista.

Green symbolises the natural world and has strong associations with health, 0++tranquillity and good luck.

“This palette represents the way we engage with nature. It mimics the tones and textures that impact our wellbeing in a way that draws us closer to the natural environment. This stunning collection of greens uses a full range of organic tones to encapsulate us in a world of biophilic design.”

-Neville Knott, Crown Colour Consultant

“Drawing from nature, the colour palette is heavy in greens. Never boring, though – with shades ranging from soft mint, through earthy tones of khaki green and mustard yellow, and ending on a deep jade green of Botanical Noir for a statement wall.”

-Justyna Korczynska, Crown Design Studio