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4 Τips for effective Woodcare

The maintenance of wood is very important to preserve its beauty and health. Increased solar exposure and humidity are two factors that have a negative effect on them.

Wood maintenance should be done regularly with various impregnation varnishes and also with various oils, which replace the natural oils of the wood, that are lost over time.

  1. On surfaces located on the south side of the building there is more solar stress, so it is essential to apply three coats of material for extra durability.
  2. On new timber, it is essential that a wood preservative is applied to prevent blue stains and termites. After the preservative is applied, the impregnation varnish is applied, which protects the wood from moisture and sunlight.
  3. In coastal areas, top quality, resin rich products should be used for greater strength and durability. It is important to apply the material in three layers.
  4. The ambient temperature when applying the materials, should not be less than 5℃ and more than 35℃. Also, the ambient humidity should not exceed 80% and the moisture content of the wood should not exceed 18%.