Colour & Decorating

Τerrazzo | Decorative floor screed with a modern terrazzo look

Terrazzo is making a strong comeback, ranking among the top global design and architectural trends with its distinctive vintage aesthetic and the great number of practical benefits offered through the use of high-quality contemporary materials by ISOMAT.

Delivering incredibly durable, monolithic surfaces providing a modern take on an ancient aesthetic, it is ideal for both new-build or refurbishment projects. Suitable for interior and exterior applications in residential or commercial spaces, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The decorative Terrazzo flooring by ISOMAT is composed of:

DUROCRET-TERRAZZO high-strength white cementitious mortar-binder, which can be colored with ISOMAT DECO-COLOR high-quality inorganic powder pigments delivering numerous shades, and ISOMAT NATURAL COLORED STONES.

Their combination gives virtually infinite color and design possibilities, satisfying any decor or taste while adding character and visual interest to the project.

ISOMAT’s transparent, UV-stable polyurethane varnishes, in gloss or satin-matt finish, are used for sealing and protecting the system.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Modern terrazzo look – Dominant architectural trend
  • Wide range of color combinations
  • Seamless, smooth surface visually enlarging the space while ensuring better hygiene thanks to easier cleaning
  • Unique aesthetic result loaded with character
  • Pourable flooring, adaptable to architectural design
  • UV and abrasion resistance for floors guaranteed to stand the test of time
  • Non-porous surface, making it ideal for exterior application