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Why should you choose microcement: Application to floors

Microcement coating is a traditional building technique that is used in the area of the Mediterranean and has a unique simplicity and beauty. To get an idea of its special look, you need only imagine the houses of the Cyclades, with their monolithic construction, simple lines, and complex room arrangements.

The last few years, microcement is returning to the architectural stage, slowly “invading” houses and shops. It’s used in interior and exterior spaces, in a wide variety of applications, like staircases, floors, walls, in homes, stores, hotels, and more, as well as special constructions like built-in furniture, built-in sanitary items (like washbasins, bathtubs, showers, and more), and other decorative elements.

It’s highly suggested for new constructions, since it’s a modern choice for creating spaces with a minimalistic or elegant look, while it’s also an easy, quick, and cheap renovation solution. The final result is completely depended on the imagination and skill of the technician who will apply it, the style they’ll follow, and the materials with which they’ll combine it.

If you choose to use microcement for your space, the only thing you need to do is let your imagination soar free.

Why should you choose microcement?

Microcement has become very popular because, besides its unique look, it also offers multiple advantages that will free you from additional work, while you’ll also save time and money!

The features of microcement offer multiple advantages:

  • Uniform, monolithic surface,
  • Special look,
  • Water repellency,
  • Abrasion resistance,
  • High resistance to aging and UV radiation,
  • Resistance to cleaning materials, oils, and sea water,
  • Small application thickness,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Can be applied to any kind of substrate,
  • Can be used in multiple applications (floors, walls, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, in interior and exterior spaces),
  • High application speed from experienced and specialized technicians,
  • Excellent solution for renovations.

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