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Waterproofing: Learn the benefits and the types of waterproofing

The biggest “enemy” of buildings is moisture, which penetrates into the shell of the house and damages its reinforcement and the materials that make up the building, creating various serious problems for the structure.

It’s the most common reason behind damages to buildings. That’s why, in case there’s a moisture problem, the diagnosis (the discovery of the real reason that the problem was created) must be done swiftly and a solution must be given immediately. ISOMAT, with its long experience and expertise, has developed a complete series of products for waterproofing every type of space that can develop humidity problems, like roofs, basements, pools, humid rooms (bathroom, kitchen, etc.), tanks, and more. All of ISOMAT’s waterproofing cement-based, acrylic, and polyurethane products are certified with the CE stamp according to the European Regulation 305/2011. Also, another waterproofing method is through the bituminous membranes of GECO WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS, which specialize in the production of such products.

Benefits of waterproofing:

  •  It “seals” the roof of the building, protecting it from humidity, stagnant waters, and ice, preventing the leaks and damages that they might cause
  •  It reflects the sunlight and helps lower your energy consumption, keeping the house cool during the summer months
  •  It helps avoid the creation of mold and water damage on the building’s walls.
  •  It imparts higher elasticity and durability against the contraction and expansion of the materials
  •  It helps avoid hairline cracks
  •  It’s easy to apply
  •  It helps in the protection of the environment

Choices of waterproofing materials:

  1. Cement-based,
  2. Polyurethane / Hybrid / Acrylic
  3. Bituminous membranes