Suggestions & Solutions

Waterproofing for roofs with high requirements

Waterproofing suggestions and solutions from ISOMAT!

1. First, we clean the substrate from dust, loose materials, etc.

2. We repair and smooth the substrate, where necessary, with DUROCRET resin cement mortar.

3. We universally prime the roof with the polyurethane primer of ISOFLEX-PU 510, the PRIMER-PU 100.

4. A local waterproofing at the joints (guardrails, skylights) follows. It is smeared with ISOFLEX-PU 510 and a 60gr/m² polyester fabric film is placed and incorporated in its fresh layer.

5. On a dry surface, the first universal layer of ISOFLEX-PU 510 is applied with a brush or roller.

6. The second universal layer follows crosswise and if the previous one has dried.