Aquamat-Admix is an admixture in powder form consisting of cement and special active chemicals.

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Aquamat-Admix is an admixture in powder form consisting of cement and special active chemicals, which react with moisture and free lime in fresh concrete creating insoluble crystalline compounds. These crystals seal capillary shrinkage cracks inside concrete, thus protecting against penetration of water under strong hydrostatic pressure.


  • Water impermeability against water pressure from both positive and negative side
  • Significant reduction of the capillary absorption of water
  • Permanently active for the life of the structure – therefore, it continuously protects the
    construction from any water penetration
  • Ability to seal hairline cracks up to 0.4mm wide, even if they appear after the setting of concrete
  • Free of chlorides and other corrosive ingredients
  • Compatibility with all kinds of Portland cement
  • Coverage: 2-4 Kg/m²
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