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Issue & Solution: Treatment and prevention of termites in wood

Issue: Wood is one of the oldest building materials, widely used today.

A frequent problem is the presence of insects, fungi and micro-organisms in it, which causes damage and a decrease in its resistance. There are only a few types of wood that are naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation. These species are mostly very expensive tropical woods. Other types of wood must be protected before being used in permanent structures.


The treatment of fungi and insects in wood, as well as the prevention of their appearance, can be done with MULTI-USE TREATMENT, which immediately treats and exterminates wood-eating insects and their larvae and prevents their reappearance. It is ideal for all types of wood, healthy or damaged, for indoor or outdoor use. It penetrates deep into the wood and is odorless. It is applied by brush or spray, in three coats on damaged wood and in two coats on healthy wood. After the preservative has dried, any impregnation varnish from V33 can be applied.

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