Colour & Decorating

How to renew the color of interior walls

Renovating or moving? Limit your expenses by doing the necessary small repairs and renewing the paint on the walls of your house yourself! Get the right materials, arm yourself with positive energy and imagination and follow the simple steps below.

Materials you will need for the preparation:

Materials you will need for painting the surfaces:

What you need to do to prepare the surface:

Before you start painting, in the shade of your choice, you should properly prepare the surfaces to be painted. The good quality of the substrate is a decisive factor, so that the paint “grips” well and a beautiful result comes out.

So take the spatula and sandpaper and thoroughly clean the surfaces, removing any loose material. Then clean the dust with the parsnip. Any minor surface imperfections (eg cracks, holes) are common and can be repaired quickly and easily with ISOMAT ACRYL-STUCCO or FAST-COVER trowel putties. Simply place the material into the crack or hole with a trowel, pressing until the gap is completely covered. No scrubbing required! Immediately after, smooth your surface with the spatula and wait about half an hour, until the material dries.

In case you need to plaster a large part of the surface due to wear, it would be good to prime this surface with the acrylic primer FLEX-PRIMER, to stabilize it well, before applying the paint.

How will you paint the room yourself?

Remove furniture and protect the floor with cardboard or nylon. Stick paper tape on the points (skirting boards, joints with the ceiling, switches, doors, etc.) that you want to remain unpainted, thus ensuring accuracy in the final result and ease of painting.

Before starting, dilute the paint with 5-10% water for easier application. Continue by painting the cutouts (the corners, recesses, and details around the doors and switches) with the brush. Continue painting the large wall surface with a roller. Apply the color in two layers. Repeat the above process on each wall separately.

Helpful tips:

  1. Choose the shade that suits your space, from the thousands of unique shades of the ISOMAT COLOR SYSTEM coloring system.
  2. Don’t throw away the leftover paint! Paints have a long shelf life and can be reused as long as they are stored according to the instructions on their packaging.
  3. Keep the shade code you used! You will need it in case you want to refresh your walls in the exact same shade in the future, but also to recommend it to a friend!