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5 DIY Garden Ideas You Need to Try This Summer

Are you looking for some affordable but great DIY garden ideas? With Easy Max and Tinted Wood Varnish by Cosmos Lac, you will give your garden a budget-friendly makeover which is easier than you think.

In this post, we have mentioned some quick and easy DIY tips and ideas to help you save cash while turning your outdoors into a fantastic space. This newly made beautiful space of yours will enable you to spend more relaxing time with nature.

Let’s get straight to the point…

Vertical Garden

Having a tiny wooden ladder allows you to hang beautiful, vibrant pots while saving precious ground space. You can use the ground space to arrange some seating options to enjoy dining in the out. Use Isolac Aqua Satin to paint and protect the wood. The small ladder looks great against a fence or a wall.

Planter Pallets

Make easy hanging planters in your garden by using wooden pallets. Wooden pallets are usually sectioned out, so you can just hang half of a wooden pallet up on a wall to make your own hanging garden. Put all types of tiny herbs or other plants into the boxes and create a live growing space. You can also easily create a shelf using wooden pallets and protect it using Universal Wood Protector; then, put some beautiful small planters on your wooden pallet shelf to flaunt your plant collection.

Hanging Tin Can Garden

Use an old tin can creatively in your garden to take the design to the next level. If you don’t have enough ground space to grow veggies, herbs, or beautiful flowers, paint some used tin cans with the Easy Max spray of your choice and use them to grow your plants. Hang them with your decks, fences, or even to the side of your house. These tin cans provide you a portable option; don’t like them in one area? Change their space easily.

Outdoor Dining Space

Creating a dining space in your outdoors is not difficult at all; add some great rattan chairs, a table, and the task is done! Protect this furniture using the Tinted Wood Varnish. Who says picnics are only for summers? With a beautiful outdoor dining area, you can dine outside daily! Grow some pretty low-maintenance plants like cacti and add some garden lights around to complete the look.


Portable Containers

Vertical container gardens provide a great option because of their portability. You can move them easily without worrying about re-growing plants or grass over that empty area. Add a little beauty to your fences by hanging some garden boxes. Create colourful planter boxes with Easy Max and simply hang them to any vertical space, like fences or window sills around your house and enjoy your plants grow.


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