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Kitchen makeover: Painting the cupboards

Here’s everything you need to know about getting the kitchen of your dreams by repainting the cupboards

It can be very difficult to give your kitchen a makeover on a budget. Simply painting your kitchen cupboards can bring you a step closer to having the kitchen of your dreams. Dated kitchen cupboards can really have an impact on the appeal of your home, but there are simple methods and tips to turn your kitchen into your beautiful dream kitchen without breaking the bank.

Painting your kitchen cupboards

The easiest way to have the biggest impact on your kitchen is to change the cupboards, but they can be really expensive to replace. Simply adding some paint can make the room feel completely different.

Here’s everything you need to know about painting kitchen cupboards:

Step one: Remove all knobs and handles from the kitchen cupboards and draws. Ensure you use masking tape to cover all the hinges and any glass. It’s good practice to cover the rest of the kitchen with dust sheets to avoid paint splatter.

Step two:  Ensure you wash down all the kitchen cabinets with some sugar soap to remove grease.

Step three:  Depending on what your cupboards are made of, you may want to prepare the surface for paint application by sanding it down.  You’ll need some fine sandpaper for this, but you can ignore this step if you’re working with something like a high gloss surface.

Step four:  You’ll need to apply Crown Paints’ multisurface primer which is suitable for wood, wood veneers, MDF and prepared melamine. Apply the primer with a brush.

Step five:  You’re now ready to apply two coats. You might want to select a specialist kitchen paint, such as the Crown Kitchen Antibacterial or the Kitchen Easyclean range. Both ranges are suitable for painting walls, wood. Wipe off any dust with a damp cloth before applying the final coat of paint.

Once you have tidied up and carefully removed your masking tape, you can sit back and admire your cabinets.

Now you’re ready to give your kitchen a facelift.

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