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Helpful tips for effective painting of wooden and metal surfaces

Both wooden and metal surfaces must be protected from sunlight and moisture. Therefore, protecting and maintaining their paintwork at regular intervals is essential in order not to alter their appearance and to keep their colour vibrant.


  1. Although there are paints that can be applied directly to rust, it is preferable to remove the rust before application for greater durability and longevity of the paint.
  2. Before painting metal surfaces, a light sanding with sandpaper and removal of dust is required.


  1. For better adhesion of the paint to the substrate, light sanding and very good cleaning of the wood surface is recommended.
  2. If the old substrate is already painted, the surface should be previously very well sanded to achieve proper adhesion of the new paint.

Extra tip:

  1. When painting metal and wooden surfaces, the ambient temperature should be between +5℃ and +35℃.

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