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Faded Berries: Autumn Winter 2017
There is something so inherently beautiful about nature gone wild. Faded berries captures the splendor of the natural landscape as it is left to unfold and age. The mystical quality of the trend is enhanced by the way diffusions of colour are used to create purple-on-purple or green-on-green effects. The look is further accentuated by rustic wood furniture pieces, tactile textures and the use of natural wood grains.
Neville Knott 
Crown Colour Consultant
Faded Berries sees nature take on a moody persona. This atmospheric trend captures the intensity of nature as it matures and evolves, evoking a landscape characterized by ripened berries and untamed foliage.
Setting the richness of deep berry tones against mossy greens, the palette takes on an untamed look, celebrating a nature that is faded and wild rather than pristine. Berry and green tones are complemented by neutral accents, which bring a softness to the overall look.
The Look
These colours are inspired by the Autumn / Winter - rich, deep berry tones, like fading fruits. They work well alongside autumnal mossy greens so add some decorative foliage and natural textiles and neutral accents for a look that is natural but a little bit wild.