Protects, takes care and decorates wood

Perhaps the only product in the market which provides 8 years of PROTECTION

Revolutionary, uses IPREGNANT technology (combination of oil and impregnation)

Revolutionary, leaving a mat finishing WOODTOUCH, maintains the natural appearance of the wood

Meet Woodtouch Impregnant of V33 which is a new revolutionary product, a varnish for impregnation with high rates of permeability that enhances the natural beauty of the wood, protects from the UV rays and the weather.  It is suitable for hardwood and offers sufficient protection from severe weather conditions. 

  • Waterproof, resistant to rain and moisture
  • Contains anti-UV substances which offer protection from the sun and ultraviolet radiation. 
  • Protects wood from becoming grey or black.

Without forming an additional film, it maintains the original texture of the wood. The Woodtouch finish does not affect the natural appearance of the wood and at the same time offers the chance for a modern decoration.


  • Anti-Drop:  The brush holds the right amount of product so there aren’t any drops even when it is applied vertically or at ceilings.  Its unique formulation enables a unified and easy application.
  • Easy to maintain:  it does not require any scraping of the surface to reveal the original wood; it can be applied again, directly, with just one coating.


  • On wooden coatings, shutters, awnings (in gardens, swimming pools or parking lots)
  • Suitable for European or foreign timber
  • Suitable for application on outdoor and vertical surfaces


  • The wood has to be clean and dry
  • It is suitable for bare wood and new wooden surfaces. Use a fine sandpaper to make a smooth surface and remove the dirt.  The application of the primer V33, for prevention and repair, is recommended.
  • Renovation of previously impregnated wood:  Scrape the surface to remove any hardened dirt.  Choose a shade which is slightly darker from the original shade.
  • Hardwood and/or rough surfaces (oak, chestnut tree, pine tree):  Dilute using 10% water for the first coating.  Apply a second coating without dilution.