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What colour should I paint my living room?

A question that often arises when we have to redecorate a room or when we just want a change.  In this section, you can learn some simple, yet important, details that can help you make the right decision.

The dark colours make a space look smaller and darker.  If you really like dark colours though, at least you can choose a lighter shade which will make your room look larger.

The risk is smaller with neutral shades on the walls but at the same time, you can experiment with a brighter colour on the ceiling, which will create a feeling of warmth and will lighten up your living room.

When people want to talk about the colour textures of living rooms, they usually divide them into two categories, the classic one and the modern one. In the first case, the living room is more likely to be beige, ivory or a creamy-white colour whereas in the modern living rooms usually light blue is preferred.

A factor that will determine your choice of colour is how much natural colour comes through the windows in your house.  If there are not big windows or balcony doors, then the dark colours are probably out of the question.  Also, if there is already furniture in your space, you should choose a shade that matches with them.

In addition, if you have an impressive carpet with easterly colours that attract attention, you should choose one of these colours.  In order to know the right colour combinations, you should consult the colour “wheels” which present the colour combinations and their effects.  In a colour wheel, the shades that are next to each other, like blue and green, usually create a casual and calming effect.