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FHL Group always tries to make the best possible use of its potentials along with profitable investments; therefore, about ten years ago, after thorough and detailed research the management decided to establish a subsidiary dry mortars and adhesives production plant under the name “MARMODOM”. 
MARMODOM uses marble powder, which is produced at the F.H.L. owned quarry by crushing smaller white marble blocks, as raw material in order to produce high quality building materials. The product portfolio includes ready mixed mortars, tile adhesives, waterproofing materials, additives and amplifying fluids in an increasing variety of at least 40 products.


By using first quality white marble powder of specific granulometry and adding innovative high standard chemicals, MARMODOM has managed to stand out for the excellent quality of its market products. With respect to the customers’ needs MARMODOM – through a variety of innovations and solutions – has earned its place in the Greek market and in other markets as well, such as those of Europe, Balkans, Middle East, North Africa, Arabian Peninsula, etc.



The MARMODOM production unit of ready mortars consists of:

- A Crushing unit with a capacity of 150 tons/ hour.

- A Fully automated mortar production plant with a high tech and fully integrated processing unit of German know-how and a capacity of producing 45 tons/ hour.

- A Fully equipped chemical laboratory that works continuously on research and the development of our products.

- A variety of modern machinery suitable for mixing plaster.