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Colour and Decorating
Our team of designers shares their passion with you by offering clever and innovative decoration ideas and they want to show you how to add your personal touch in your place.
  • Bring calmness into your home, just by using paint!
    We show you looks that can create a peaceful tranquil environment in your home. So when day to day life can get a little stressful these looks can bring that calming backdrop in your home....
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  • Restoring old bikes in home decor
    There is an old bike in every other household rusting in the backyard or tossed in a corner of a garage being neglected for years. Well, now they no longer have to stay abandoned, don't simply dispose of it....
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  • Creating Positano, Amalfi Coast
    Positano a popular tourist destination along the Amalfi Coast is marked by its astoundingly beautiful beaches and aesthetically pleasing architecture....
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  • Transforming a balcony into your best place in house
    "Balconies act as liminal spaces that bridge public and private life apart from value addition to a building or a house." A beautiful and elaborately designed balcony may serve as a gateway to inner peace and tranquility for the modern ...
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  • Colour Trends 2018-19: Saturated
    "Bold primary and secondary colours sit side by side and combined with complementary vertical lines, dynamic and vibrant spaces are created. This influence has its roots in heavily filtered photography where reality is distorted"...
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  • The White House: for modern architecture
    White facades have gained popularity because they complemented elegantly with clean and simple lines of modern architecture. Often the spotless white exterior is accentuated with a dash of black color used in door and windows frame and in ramp etc....
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