Colour Explosion for a unique photo shooting
Colour Explosion for a unique photo shooting
On the account of the female pageant ‘Star Cyprus 2015’, which is presented on MEGA Cyprus, an innovative photo shooting took place during a quite demanding challenge the girls went through.  More specifically, the girls had to pose naturally at the camera and cover their chest with their hands while showers of paint were thrown at their face and body.
Although it was a difficult project, it was completed successfully giving the judges, the audience and the viewers of the live show ‘Star Cyprus 2015,’ an amazing spectacle.  The show was devoted to EUROPA DONNA Cyprus and aimed at raising awareness and informing the people properly about breast cancer.
The photo shooting took place a few days earlier at the showroom of the company Hadjiyiannis Logistics Ltd in Limassol.  The excellent organization of the production and Hadjiyiannis company, the cooperation of the girls and the professionalism of all the involved parties, contributed to the outstanding outcome of the photo shooting, after a tiring but pleasant and creative day.
The bright and friendly to the environment Crown Paint paints along with the beautiful contestants of ‘Star Cyprus 2015’ gave the final touch for a successful photo shooting.
Hadjiyiannis Company, which is the exclusive representative of Crown Paints and many other well-known brands in the field such as Sandex, Rust-Oleum, V33, Valpaint, Mercola, and Decofix, would like to thank all the agents that worked together to present a successful show and the organization EUROPA DONNA Cyprus as well.
In the video below, viewers can watch everything that happened behind the scenes in this innovative, for Cyprus, photo shooting, which was part of the beauty contest.