Our associates can rest assured that they are in good hands, knowing that the comprehensive services we provide combine the latest technology with industry know-how and personal attention. At the same time, our full customer support covers every aspect of our associates’ business activities.

  • Customer Service
    For the convenience of our associates, our ordering system provides various options which all ensure
  • Distribution Network
    By cooperating with one of the biggest distribution companies in Cyprus, we can take advantage of...
  • Client Support
    We are committed to every client and are here to help, from the first contact and the slightest...
  • The Promise of Excellence
    Our decades of experience, innovative ideas and the superiority of the...
  • Spray
    Now, we can have any colour or other materials that we may need in a spray form as well...
  • Colour Creations
    We can create every single colour you can think of. Using the system ‘Colour-creations’ which allow