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This is an impartial blog which gets inspiration from various sources and mostly from the great brands we represent like Crown, Sandex, Valpaint, V33, Rust-Oleum and other sources.  

  • Colour Trends: Considered by Crown Paints
    “I love the simplicity of Considered - it's pared back and confident - there's no embellishment here, nowhere to hide from a design point of view. Everything is for a purpose, everything carefully calculated for a modern and streamlined way ...
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  • Colour Trends: Intrigue by Crown Paints
    “This palette focuses on the darkened tones of evening such as navy and viridian pierced through with torches of gold light to give rich, opulent layers of nocturnal mystery. Perfect in any space to give a bold luxurious retreat”....
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  • Are you ready for the summer?
    Blue... the colour of the sea and the sky, a colour that is associated with the Mediterranean Sea is the safest choice to be used on the walls of all Cypriot households, throughout the year. Perfect for those who love ...
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  • Spotlight on colour: Βlue
    Well known for its calming effects, choosing blue will help to create a peaceful space. You can use Blue as a bolder colour boost to lift a room, or when paired with the right shades of white or grey, it ...
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  • Colour Trends: Patterned Landscape by Crown Paints
    “Patterned Landscape arose from the beauty of aerial photographs of a rural landscape where cultivated composition makes patterns out of natural form. An influence born from our ongoing desire for bringing the outside in, it reinforces our need to take ...
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