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Colour and Decorating
Our team of designers shares their passion with you by offering clever and innovative decoration ideas and they want to show you how to add your personal touch in your place.
  • All time classic: Damask wallpaper
    This elegant style of wall covering is an ideal choice, if you want to jazz up any space in your home to exude elegance. ...
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  • Carnival Fever
    By painting enhancing hues, you can create a beautiful contrast of shades and make a small room look larger while still injecting a bold colour....
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  • Do you love Vintage?
    «Μία χρωματική πρόταση με μια παλέτα vintage για τους λάτρεις αυτού του look, εμπνευσμένη από ένα ιστορικό μοντέλο αυτοκινήτου»....
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  • Make your furniture look brand new
    Soooo… since we have the chance to refurbish out furniture now, I’d say why not take advantage of it? Saving money from the renewal of our garden furniture it’s much easier than you think.  A new paint or coating can ...
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  • Bring calmness into your home, just by using paint!
    We show you looks that can create a peaceful tranquil environment in your home. So when day to day life can get a little stressful these looks can bring that calming backdrop in your home....
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  • The White House: for modern architecture
    White facades have gained popularity because they complemented elegantly with clean and simple lines of modern architecture. Often the spotless white exterior is accentuated with a dash of black color used in door and windows frame and in ramp etc....
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